The Foundation

Fundació Vincle was created in 2008 with the goal of working toward an integrated and inclusive society in all aspects, centring its efforts on the Catalan language as an element to bring people together.
Since the turn of the 21st century, society has been undergoing transformations of great social significance. This has intensified even more in recent years due to the rise of new technologies, which have brought about all kinds of new opportunities, new forms of work, new ways of communicating and, also, new difficulties, among other things.
Fundació Vincle currently has three main lines of activity: first, promoting social connection through the use of the Catalan language among newcomers or members of the population who have been in the country for some time; second, fostering the use of Catalan in the business world, whether among employees or as part of the products and services companies offer; and, finally, diffusion of the discriminations and imbalances in investment affecting the so-called Mediterranean Euroregion, which includes, principally, the territories of Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands.


In keeping with its values, the Foundation’s objectives include:

  1. Promoting the use of the Catalan language and advancing Catalan culture among newcomers living in Catalan-speaking territories.
  2. Working towards a cohesive and inclusive society, where citizens’ rights are protected, and which recognises interculturality as an asset.
  3. Helping to make Catalan the shared language of social cohesion and interrelation for everyone in the territory where the language is spoken.
  4. Promoting cultural rights, linguistic and national consciousness, and consumer rights.
  5. Protecting and promoting the use of the Catalan language in every area of life to ensure it is present as a language with full representation.
  6. Defending the linguistic and cultural rights of Catalan speakers and the people who live in Catalan-speaking territories, with respect to the language.
  7. Promoting and collaborating in linguistic normalisation efforts affecting the Catalan language.
  8. Working toward labour market integration.
  9. Engaging in community integration efforts.

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Who Are We? 

There are 17 current members of Fundació Vincle:

  • Òscar Escuder i de la Torre – President
  • Mar Forcada i Nogués – Secretary
  • Roger Torrents i Serra – Treasurer
  • Daniel Mundet i Cerdan – Member
  • Teresa Casals i Rubio – Member
  • Francesc Marco Palau – Member
  • Antoni Royo i Pérez – Member
  • Marc Monràs i Vinyes – Member
  • Josep Maria López i Llaví – Member
  • Xavier Albertí i Oriol – Member
  • Josep Lluís Segú – Member
  • Mireia Plana i Franch – Member
  • Josep Maria Canyelles i Pastó – Member
  • Joan Font i Fabregó – Member
  • Jaume Fàbrega i Vilà – Member